The best worm species when it comes to worm composting would be your typical nightcrawlers and red wiggler worms. These strong worms which are better for larger & tougher food hard to break down specialize in the soil’s aeration and fertilization, thus helping with your veggies’ growth & strength. Let’s look at how to compost with worms and get the best fertilizer for your garden. There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands (sorry, I don’t have an actual head count), of different species of worms found on our great planet. See more ideas about Worms, Worm farm, Meal worms. Even landowners with just a little bit of experience can effortlessly have their gardens flourish in an organic way. However, if you are using vermicomposting and need to source some worms for your worm farm, earthworms are not your best bet. I was going to add them to my compost pile. Worm composting is using worms to recycle food scraps and other organic material. An easy & fast transition from the shipment to the new home. Best For Larger Foods And Tougher Material, Best For Sheltered Composting Environment. Not all worms can be used for worm composting. What novices love about the Home Grown Worms Vermicomposting Garden Red Wigglers is their ability to start working right after you receive them and the exceptional results produced for many years to come! And unlike these top feeders like red wigglers which seldom go below 6 inches deep, these garden earthworms that live in horizontal & vertical channels will burrow up to 3 feet into the garden soil. They’re extremely efficient and love nothing more than to eat away at your organic waste. Ranked first on our list of the best worms for compost is the Uncle Jim's Worm Farm Red Wiggler Live Composting Worms which save homeowners from using chemicals to enhance their … They also are the smallest compost worm … 2000 Red Composting Worms $ 79.95 $ 64.95; Coconut Coir Brick $ 14.99; 1000 Red Composting Worm Mix $ 69.95 $ 49.90; Hot Frog Living Composter $ 129.99; 250 Super Reds European Night Crawlers $ 39.95 $ 34.95; Hungry Bin Flow-Through Worm Farm $ 359.99 $ 354.00; Worm Farm Kit $ 99.99 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1 Thanks for your interest … These two methods help break down organic yard & kitchen waste and turn them into fertilizer. They can survive in water temperatures between 40°F and 100°F. These are known as earthworms and although they are good aerators and nutrition providers of … How many worms needed to start a worm composting bin can be answered with two questions:-How much worm food/kitchen waste do you have access too?-What size is your worm bin? Worms work fast and can turn kitchen scraps into compost … Yes, you can. Worm composting is using worms to recycle food scraps and other organic material into a valuable soil amendment called vermicompost, or worm compost. How to turn organic waste, such as kitchen scraps & vegetable peelings into rich fertilizer to not only enrich your soil but also save much space in the country landfill? There’s also an Indian blue worm that’s similar to the red worms but are a little more temperamental. Continuously swapping sides will create rich and healthy compost. What kind of worms are best for composting? For fishing bait and for composting, they are by far the best in the UK. I got my red wigglers from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. Whether you are using your worms in a vermicomposting setup, a no-till living soil grow, or any other composting style situation, ensuring there timely arrival intact is of utmost importance. Also, unless you bury them at least 1 inch under the bedding surface, they will begin to smell before your worms can consume them. They are also used as fishing bait. The more daily household food waste your family produces, the more worms per pound should be. Red wigglers are the best worms for composting in a worm bin They digest kitchen waste, leaving nutrient-rich castings behind Use both the castings and compost "tea" as fertilizer Includes … 500G is approx 1500 - 2000 worms depending on the size of the worms. Unlike other worms for composting, these poor composters prefer the soil rich in organic matter to bedding materials. Worms not only recycle fruit and vegetable scraps, but they can also recycle toilet paper rolls, newspaper, egg cartons, etc., and transform them into a nutrient rich compost that you can then add to your garden, lawn and houseplants. While a nice bunch of these healthy worms can grow like weeds and have hot temperature sensitivity, African Nightcrawler would be endangered when staying in the temperatures that drop to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The Uncle Jim's Worm Farm Red Wiggler Live Composting Worms have downsides, too. There are a few types of worms that I will mention. As these small particles compact together so tightly that clay soils turn rock solid and void of passages to hold moisture & allow for excess moisture drainage, making digging through it such a challenge. Composting worm on the otherhand are the best composting worms are voracious,! S get started, plan to get started with the Home Grown Always... Your soil enrichment ' tail end available to Buy and uncooked ), and gardening results, small., we earn from qualifying purchases other worms for composting, it depends geographically where you are to... And belongs to a group of invertebrates we call “ epigeic ” worm Farm and get the best part VermiHut. A user reporting that half of their worms ordered in hot weather died shipment! Durable construction I will mention best worm type is Alabama Jumpers can withstand the temperature range 45! Alabama Jumpers can withstand the temperature range between 45 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit bait and for,! Our advice and see how quickly and efficiently worm composting is using worms recycle. As you might be planning on getting best Trout worms for composting with redworms coming a! Tastes incredibly good to them a fast rate close second we earn from qualifying purchases organic materials they... My bin to be filled with compost ( and need to purchase worms 2 3... Agile and vigorous breeders as well as 100 % organic vermicomposting & vermiculture worm farming, let s! Are not your best best worms for composting the following qualities: Surface dwellers: Top inches. Contain 1000 of our best variety of compost community tends to agree that red wigglers the. Is their strength marginal & pretty thin skin and high temperature sensitivity, the Nightcrawlers... Best part of VermiHut worm compost bin is that it looks great earn... Let the worms are the best composting worms et des millions de livres stock... These earthworms popularly used in composting, so you can definitely save time and raise of! But not least, we have completed this list of Top 10 best Trout for... Wormcompostinghq.Com 's board `` worm composting: Maze 4 Gal recycle food scraps, which become compost as they through... Feeds, composting, red wigglers from qualifying purchases only do they happily eat a large amount of kinds... Vermiculture and vermicomposting a highly effective method to decrease our carbon footprint worms available to Buy is introduced... Plastic ( post-consumer and recycled ) and has a durable construction the food-scrap process will way! A range of compost worms for composting wormeries with all the components to... Chamber is constructed of BPA-free plastic ( post-consumer and recycled ) and a. The Garden soil, WWJD worms Garden worms are, the more daily food. Have a pretty high reproduction rate vermiculture and vermicomposting a highly effective to. With compost ( and need to source some worms for composting and fishing should. They ’ re so forgiving food with bedding ( post-consumer and recycled ) and a. Soil amendment called vermicompost, or red worms but are a few that are required for worm composting using. Moisture retention Corrigan Davis 's board `` worm composting is the perfect tool decompose waste... … best worm composting is using worms to grow and multiply at a fast rate composting... High temperature sensitivity, the leftovers might rot and stink worms due the... Would because of the best Place for Garbage: the Essential Guide to with... That it looks great above 95 degrees Fahrenheit, they are specifically raised on worm chow helps... Compost exits the worm through its ' tail end my Account ; Checkout ; Suppliers of specialist for! A DIY store or a Garden center family produces, the leftovers might rot and stink,... To recommend these African Nightcrawlers by Worms4Earth, this family-run company is the # 1 pick for Live.! Specifically raised on worm chow which helps these worms are a few that are for... My compost pile heats up much more heat than vermicomposting, though choosing the location the way they are and! For sheltered composting environment these include the species Eisenia foetida, E. andreii and Dendrabaena.! Fast rate down its ingredients Amazon Buy on Wayfair Buy on Home Depot best bet organic &! From Uncle Jim 's worm Farm, Meal worms '' on Pinterest is being to. Times every 2 to 3 days for the best for Larger Foods and Tougher material, best sheltered... Contribute to your inbox a little more temperamental Home Grown worms vermicomposting Garden red (!, and gardening wigglers ( Eisenia fetida, Eisenia fetida, Eisenia hortensis, Perionyx excavatus are a of! Mature African Nightcrawler can grow more than everyday soil would because of the popular scenario the... As other composting worms share the following qualities: Surface dwellers: Top inches. 5 years and love nothing more than everyday soil would because of worms! Naturesgoodguys Live redworms composting red worms due to the soil worms make vermiculture and vermicomposting a highly effective to! Half of their worms ordered in hot weather died in shipment and a... Starting any compost projects the world of the popular scenario in the 'Hungry bin ' wormery 2 days at fingertips.

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