Traveling has to be one of the most absolutely fulfilling experiences in life, probably up there with the birth of your first child. It’s full of new experiences, delicious food, beautiful sights, new cultures and so much more that can make you a better person than you were when you lifted off the ground back home. But to get to that point, you’ve got to calculate the price tag associated with this adventure. Establishing a travel budget early on is easier than when you’re around two months away from the day you head to the airport. So let’s check out the best way you can start establishing a budget that you can rely on and save up for. You deserve a comfortable, fun trip, make sure you have the funds to satisfy those needs like this: 

Start With Transportation

The biggest expense associated with travel is always getting to your destination. Airfare costs will likely account for around half of the entire travel budget. Playing with flight search engines will give you a decent range of how much money you’ll need to get the tickets to your destination figured out with ease. This will be by far the easiest part of budgeting, as it’s a large expense that’s fairly straightforward and comes at the front end of the trip. Oftentimes, you’ll pay for the flights long before the rest of the trip. This will make budgeting and expanding your spendable dollars easier down the road. The next biggest cost will likely be the hotel, but you might want to look at the other transportation costs you’ll need to factor in too. In many bigger cities, public transportation is a completely viable option to get around the city with, and it’s far easier than trying to navigate taxi fares and how much an Uber will cost with their ever-fluctuating pricing model. If you’re not going to a bigger city, or if you’re planning on spreading out past the big city, set up a rental car. We recommend using Hotwire kind of close to the day of the trip as their prices on rental cars tend to drop as you get closer to the pick-up date. 

Make A Hotel Budget

Navigating what kind of accommodation you prefer will likely be the most difficult part of setting up this portion of your budget. Determine whether you’re cool with an AirBnB, or if you’re looking for something a little less personal. Set up a range of how much you think you’ll need to spend on that portion of your trip. To make it easier to pay off this portion of your trip, try and book your lodgings  a pretty good ways away from your actual trip. The faster you get bigger expenses out of the way, the easier it is to budget for the rest of your trip. 

Pick Out Your Tours

The one thing you can rely on that will not have any sort of price fluctuation is the price of the tours you want to go on while in the city you’re visiting. Reach out to us to ask questions about our tours around Ontario and Niagara Falls when you’re thinking about your upcoming Canadian trip. We’re excited to help you pick out the best experience for you.