There’s no arguing that AirBnB is the modern hero that travel junkies both need and deserve. Through it, you can access killer deals that don’t just make travel more accessible, they make it way cooler. Now, you can stay in weird places as well as posh mansions and trendy flats with stunning views, all while experiencing a city like a local. Stay in a real neighborhood instead of a hotel across from an IHOP and start really seeing a city, rather than just a hodge podge of tourist destinations and must-eat restaurants. In one swoop, AirBnB has provided so much value to the average traveler and really added to the sense of experience you can acquire in another place. That being said, AirBnB got famous for the weirder places it allows you to book up, so we’ve collected the top strangest places you can book through AirBnB in Toronto, VIP Ontario Tour’s home town. 

Camp In Someone’s Backyard Like You’re 10

If you’re freaked out by the idea of spending the night in someone’s house separated by a door that maybe has a lock on the knob, then maybe you should look into other AirBnB options. Sure, you can always click the “Entire house” box, or you could try sleeping in a tent in this dude’s backyard. In the Mount Olive area you can stay in exactly what the pictures show you: a big blue tent with wool blankets in the back. It’s around $15- $18 a night and there’s only a $7 cleaning fee. Obviously, this is a steal if you don’t mind camping in a metropolis. 

Iconic Tree House

If you’re looking for a way to get out of the city for a portion of your trip and you’re still attached to the idea of pseudo-camping, we’ve got another suggestion for you. As AirBnB has started getting famous for weird listings it’s also started getting famous for treehouse lodging. The adult-only tree house is perfect for a joint couple’s getaway. It’s been decorated so well that it’s regularly featured on TV and in magazines and allows you to just unplug and take a breather in the beautiful Ontario wilderness. It’s just outside Durham and can accommodate six guests. If you’re looking for something more city-slicker friendly, there’s plenty in that department as well though. 

Historic Stained Glass In The Annex

Is there anything more stunning than stained glass? While this little historically relevant property won’t feature any gothic architecture, it does include beautifully modern fixtures that tie in the old world with the new seamlessly. It’s situated in a beautiful little neighborhood near the northern edge of Toronto’s downtown area. It’s pretty and relaxed for a downtown area which makes it seem separated from the hustle and bustle which can be nice after a day out on the town. 

Downtown’s Best Coach House

If you’re attracted to the idea of trying out a rustic-chic little corner within only a 20 minutes of a garden of skyscrapers and pure metropolis, this little coach house is the perfect spot for you. It comes complete with wood paneled walls, little iron stove and cushy leather cough that makes this more cozy than metropolitan. There’s even a nice little outdoor hammock that you can take advantage of and the area is filled with artisan cafes and butcher shops with organic grocers, so if you splurge on the room, then you can save by cooking some of your own food in the supplied kitchen in the room. It’s a totally unique and charming way to experience the Toronto area. 

Ultra Chic Penthouse

If you want a flat that looks like something Tony Stark would live in, you’ve found it. It comes complete with ceiling to floor windows, beautiful mid-century modern furniture, and a ping pong table to top it all off. There are three bedrooms, and they all boast 1,800 thread count egyptian cotton sheets and plush mattresses, and a few even have balconies connected onto the room. Obviously, there’s a hot tub and pool in the building and huge gym for you convenience. You won’t be able to match this super posh AirBnB anywhere else. 

Adventure Boats The You Can Sleep On 

If you want to experience the metropolis without committing to it, you can opt for this out of the box idea. This little boat is only 20 minutes from downtown Toronot and it’s one of a collection of floating boat homes. It’s a gated neighborhood, with a deck right out on the water out the back and it’s totally self-contained if you’d rather spend a day on the water reading a good book and drinking beer. Within your gated community, you’ll be able to find a cozy pub, a restaurant and a nice snack bar that makes the attached marina quite enjoyable. 

Vibrant 50’s Cottage on Georgian Bay

On Wasaga Beach, you can venture away from traditional Toronot and find yourself what just might be the best 1950s beach house in all of Canada. It’s adults only, and redesigned to be super chic and adorable. From beyond its stoop, you can access tons of year-round trails so you can explore plenty of wilderness with ease. The best part is it’s just a short drive away from Blue Mountain and the charming downtown Collingwood. So, if you’re planning on exploring more than just Toronto, this might be just what you’re looking for. 

Modern Beach House

If you really enjoy the look of Swedish design (think IKEA on steroids) then this beach house full of lightly hued wood grains and steel fixtures will be paradise for you. It’s a newly renovated beach house that has a view of the sunset right over the water and a large deck with comfortable chairs. The pool is perfect for those folks that don’t mind swimming, but would rather not wash what the ocean has to offer off of themselves. It’s basically a beach house paradise, with gorgeous architectural designs. We’d definitely recommend not missing this one. 

Stay In Toronto And Access Excellent Tours

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