There’s a reason that every epic fantasy and grand piece of literature follows a journey. It’s because when you’re traveling, you’re growing as a person. You’re becoming a more complex and interesting character. You’re beginning to understand that it really is about the journey. Traveling is certainly one of the most sought after activities in the modern era and for good reason. It doesn’t just make you a better person with a better understanding of the world, it also makes for an excellent social media presence. The first leap though, is always the most daunting, and while browsing plane tickets passively in your break times at work is one thing, actually clicking the buy button on a plane ticket is another. So we’ve managed to collect a couple of the best first-time traveler tips out there so that you can make informed, intelligent decisions that ensure that you’re focusing on the experience instead of other little things. 

Create a Guide Book, But It’s Not Law

If you’ve bothered to invest in a guide book, or just general information packet before going to a destination you’ve been dreaming about, it can be tempting to rely on it wholly. Our advice is don’t. Guidebooks of all kinds, even the infamous Atlas Obscura, are really just broad overviews of an area. The best way to find unusual places and find the best travel experiences while you’re out and about is through word-of mouth and simply just walking around. As a general rule, you’ll be able to find the best places to eat and drink by just checking out what looks cool. Be sure to take a walk and explore on foot the areas you’re most interested in. A little research into the vibes and general types of areas in the city your visiting might help ensure that you’re only walking around the places that really appeal to you and your tastes.  For example, if you don’t like wine and you go to a vineyard, you won’t be having as much fun as you could be. Past that, put the guide book down unless you’re using it as a reference map. 

Don’t Think Twice 

Let’s not beat around the bush. Traveling is literally throwing yourself into an unknown area and into an unknown situation. The unknown is, practically by definition, scary. And folks are prone to thinking twice and second guessing their resolve to go on an adventure and see new things. Don’t be. You are not the first person to try and travel to a new area, and you won’t be the last. Tourism is a powerful engine for most economies, and the locals know that. For example, Italy and Portugal’s entire economy rely almost entirely on the ever present attraction they present to world travelers. The stories your overly cautious parents are feeding into your ear aren’t just statistically improbable, they’re likely just fiction. It’s very unlikely that locals will show you anything but a gracious welcome or, at worst, indifference. Being properly prepared mitigates a variety of reasons you should be wary of a destination. For example, wearing a clever money belt will protect your valuables from getting stolen. Taking local tips into consideration about neighborhoods that are less tourist friendly will help too. Be savvy and think before you act and there won’t be any reason to be afraid. 

Be Friendly

You know that really well-traveled person in your office who has friends spread across the world from Cambodia to San Diego? They didn’t acquire those friends and those experiences by being charming in subreddit groups, they did it by being friendly on their travels. The people you meet and befriend will make your travels to different destinations more enriched and enjoyable. You’re in a whole new area, become a whole new person if you want to, and make friends with those you cross paths with. Just be sure to grab their contact information before you part ways, they might prove to be a valuable resource in your future travels. 

Take a Dip In The Lazy River

When you visit a place that’s rather large and has plenty to see, it can be a sweet sort of overwhelming. You’ll want to rush around and see as much as you possible can. You’ll want to take every little thing in. Here’s the reality, though: You can come back. Don’t rush the experiences you’re having for the sake of “getting everything in.” Rushing through your experiences at a destination ensure that when you leave, all you’ll have is a pile of pictures and a memory of stress instead of gathered knowledge and an appreciation for the place you visited. Take your time and make sure to really enjoy what you’re experiencing. Put down the phone. There’s always time for pictures, there won’t always be time to soak this event in.

Have a Budget, But Realize When It’s Unrealistic

Budgets for vacation are often made with very little consideration to what you’re really going to need. It can be daunting to see all those dollar signs start racking up. In this instance, we recommend saving more than you think you’ll need. That way, if you find a souvenir that’s a bit above your budget, it’s not the end of the world. Additionally, if you get caught in some sort of pickle, you’ll still have the liquid funds you need to be able to navigate your issues with ease. Extra money is always a good thing, so make sure you have some. Budgeting for travel is a big one, so be sure to catch our upcoming articles on how to save and budget intelligently for travel expenses. 

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