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Ontario is quite simply unforgettable, and we want you to see it like we do- through luxury.

Whether you need to organize the perfect personal getaway with a friend, to woe a client who will be in town, or to organize an unforgettable journey with your significant other, we’re your finest choice.

From the moment you step foot outside the airport, our team will make sure that all your worries are gone as you get to see what royal level treatment feels like.

Why Let Us Handle Your Journey?

Renowned the world over, Canada is the ideal place for you to create memories that will stay with you forever.

The sheer natural beauty, in combination with our personally crafted itinerary, take you through iconic culinary destinations and sights, that result in a unique experience you will never forget.

Our team is comprised of highly knowledgeable professionals that make sure all the little details are taken care of, so that you and your family, friends or colleagues get the absolute most of your journey.

With us, you get to enjoy

Your tours with licensed tour guides who really love their job and sharing amazing trivia with you

Elite vehicles with safety-trained drivers so that you are always safe, on time and luxuriously comfy

Furthermore, we offer a wide plethora of packages for you to find the perfect fit while the quality remains the same across the board- simply stellar, with you always in the center of attention.

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Our Mission

VIP Ontario Tours was founded with the single purpose of providing you with the finest touring experience possible.

Our Company’s mission is to keep being the Golden Standard in Touring services and provide every single person who uses our service, with the best customer experience possible.

We are all about crafting the perfect travelling experience and that is reflected in our impeccable attention to detail; simply put, we want to take all the hassle away from your trip organizing and let you enjoy only the luxurious parts from A to Z.

Let us customize a private tour for you or join us on a luxury small group journey with like minded travellers and explore all Ontario has to offer.


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